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The Five Most Beneficial General Dental Services in Connecticut

When searching for a Fairfield dentist, you may wonder which dental services and treatments you should prioritize the most. But, in order to rank your priorities, you need to know which general dental services in Connecticut are the most beneficial to you.

No matter your priorities, Dr. Gary Horblitt can help you get a beautifully healthy smile with high-quality restorative solutions. Ready to see why patients trust our restoration dentist in Fairfield, CT, with their smiles? Schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Horblitt and our friendly team online here or call us at (203) 335-1011 to get booked.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some general dental services in Connecticut. Understanding the benefits of each can help you prioritize treatments and services that enhance both your oral and overall health.

Dental Exams

A dental exam can reveal a lot about a patient, such as:

  • Their brushing and flossing habits
  • Their dietary preferences
  • Their recreational practices, such as tobacco and alcohol use
  • Certain medical conditions, like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and other systemic issues
  • The overall state of their oral health

This means that dental exams could be your first indicator that something may be wrong inside your mouth or body. It is for this reason that the American Dental Association recommends visiting a dentist yearly for proactive, well-rounded medical and dental care.

Teeth Cleanings

Preventive care is the best way to avoid devastating health conditions. So, preventive dental cleanings are your best defense against cavities, gum disease, and other issues.

We recommend visiting a dentist in Connecticut at least once a year for routine teeth cleanings. These appointments can help you maintain your oral health while also beautifying and strengthening your smile.

Cavity Removals

Even small cavities can lead to painful root canal infections. Therefore, it is important to treat cavities as soon as possible.

Cavity removal is a common general dental service in Connecticut. This service removes the decayed tissue and replaces it with a durable material, like metal or unprocessed plastic. The durable material stops the decay from spreading and protects teeth against future issues.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The American Cancer Society estimates that roughly 11,000 Americans will die from oral cavity cancer in 2022. The chance of developing oral cancer increases with age, and it is more common in men than it is in women. But, no matter your age or gender, yearly oral cancer screenings could end up saving your life.

Digital X-rays

Along with oral cancer screenings, x-rays can help Connecticut dentists diagnose oral issues that could become problematic in the not-so-distant future.

Digital x-rays are a great way to gather information about hidden anatomy without over-exposing you to harmful radiation. In fact, digital x-rays can get crystal-clear images of your mouth using up to 90% less radiation than standard x-rays!

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