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5 Myths about Dentophobia (or Fear of the Dentist)

With Halloween around the corner, you may enjoy this season of good natured scares and spooky stories. But if you suffer from dentophobia, your fear of the dentist goes beyond a few goosebumps. It can cause debilitating anxiety, which may even cause you to neglect treatment with your Fairfield dentist.

Fortunately, Dr. Gary Horblitt is very familiar with dentophobia and the best ways to help anxious patients. His gentle, non-judgmental approach will put you at ease, and he can also provide sedation if something stronger is warranted.

Some people with dental anxiety go years without receiving appropriate oral care. Whether it has been decades or only a few months, conquer your fears this season with the help of a compassionate dentist. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Myth #1: Dentophobia is rare.

Dentophobia can feel very isolating, especially if you are embarrassed to talk about your experiences. But according to one study, anxiety affects nearly 60% of the adult population! Furthermore, anyone of any age, educational background, or gender can suffer from dental anxiety.

Myth #2: You can just “get over it.”

Let’s be clear. Dentophobia is not your fault. Nor is it something that you can control! It can arise for many different reasons, from past experiences to attitudes you learned from your parents in childhood. In some cases, the root cause may not be clear at all.

At the same time, there are certain steps you can take to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves. The first priority is to find an experienced dentist and articulate your fears ahead of time.

Myth #3: Your dentist will judge you for your dentophobia.

A good dentist will never judge you for your anxieties! Dr. Horblitt works with many anxious patients, and he provides all of them with the respect, compassion, and reassurance they deserve.

Myth #4: There is good reason to be afraid!

Many people have heard horror stories about the dentist. Certain procedures, such as root canal therapy, have a particularly bad reputation for being unpleasant.

But modern dental care is gentle and non-invasive, especially when performed with the latest tools and techniques. Plus, local anesthesia is highly effective. Patients feel almost nothing, even during more extensive surgical procedures.

Furthemore, dental treatment is highly successful with a very low rate of complications.

Myth #5: Dental sedation is invasive and risky.

If your dentophobia is more intense, Dr. Horblitt can provide nitrous oxide, more commonly referred to as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide will simply make you feel deeply relaxed and perhaps a bit chatty or euphoric. Side effects wear off quickly, although you could feel a bit sleepy for the next 24 hours.

Laughing gas has been in use for centuries, and its safety is well-established. Moreover, modern delivery systems have at least 12 audiovisual safety features for low-risk treatment.

Visit a Compassionate and Gentle Dentist

An understanding dentist like Dr. Horblitt can help even the most nervous patients to feel at home in the dental chair.  Receive the respectful treatment you deserve when you visit our Fairfield, CT, office.

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