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Dental Implant Complications in Fairfield, CT

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Dental Implants are a very successful way of helping restore the smiles of patients that have lost one or more of their teeth. While most dental implants will function successfully, this may not always be the case. Occasionally there may be complications involved with a dental implant.

Some dental implant complications are related to the health of the gum and bone in the area around the implant. If the gum and bone around the implant become infected, this can lead to gum and bone loss, and potentially to a loss of the dental implant.

Other dental implant complications can result from the implant being positioned incorrectly, migration of the implant due to it not being well-secured or fracturing of the implant due to excessive biting force.  Because of the potential for dental implant complications, it is very important to visit a skilled dentist like Dr. Horblitt who has the experience and knowledge to prevent these problems.

To avoid potential dental implant complications with your next dental implant, schedule an appointment with Gary Horblitt, D.D.S. today.


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