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Fairfield, CT, Dentists Share the Best Ways to Protect Your Teeth This Halloween

You may not be afraid of things that go bump in the night. But if you are concerned about your dental health, Halloween can be truly scary! There may be no other holiday that is so closely associated with pure sugar. But Fairfield, CT, dentists believe you can still enjoy the holiday and protect your healthy smile.

Dr. Gary Horblitt promotes moderation. By making prudent choices, you can indulge this Halloween while minimizing sugar exposure and dental damage.

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Choose Candy Wisely

Certain candies are more damaging to your teeth than others.

  • Sticky candies: Toffees, caramels, gummy bears and similar treats are among the worst offenders. These candies stick to your teeth. This will prolong sugar exposure and create a great food source for oral bacteria.
  • Hard candies: These usually stay in your mouth longer than other treats. This also keeps sugar in contact with your teeth for an extended time. If you do choose to indulge, never bite down on hard candies! This can crack your teeth.
  • Sour candy: Sour candy may seem like a better alternative. But they are just as sugary as other chewy candies. Plus, they are also very acidic, which can damage your dental enamel.

What’s the good news? Chocolate is one of the best choices! It easily washes off of your teeth. Plus, dark chocolate contains less sugar than other options.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you enjoy your candy, be sure to follow it with a good drink of water. Water helps to wash food out of your mouth. This is particularly important if you are unable to brush right away.

In addition, chewing sugarless gum with an ADA seal of approval can help combat cavities. Gum increases saliva production. In turn, this helps to wash away sugars. Plus, saliva can counteract the effects of acid in foods.

Combat Sweets with Healthy Snack Choices

When you were a kid, your parents probably made you eat dinner before you went out trick-or-treating. Hold yourself to the same standards as mom and dad! Foods that are high in protein and calcium can strengthen teeth and combat tooth decay. Plus, fibrous fruits and vegetables can help to remove bacteria and food particles from your teeth.

Visit Your Fairfield, CT, Dentists

Want to hear something truly spooky? 92% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have experienced cavities. And 26% of adults have untreated cavities! Visiting the dentist regularly is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Horblitt partners with the top Fairfield, CT, dentists. If you have already experienced tooth decay or other damage, he can provide restorative and cosmetic care.

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With good dental habits, your Halloween can be all treats and no tricks.

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