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What dental procedures are included in a full mouth reconstruction?

Do you have severely damaged teeth or a large number of missing teeth? If so, you may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. This fully customized treatment consists of several dental procedures chosen specifically to meet your needs.

As a maxillofacial prosthodontist, Dr. Gary Horblitt is uniquely suited to perform full mouth reconstruction. He will ensure that any dental restorations look natural and maintain proper jaw alignment. At your consultation, he will consider your unique goals and dental health. With our advanced technology, he will capture precise images of your mouth and jaw. Then he can create a highly specific treatment plan.

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Tooth Extractions

Cavities are the most common reason for extraction, followed by gum disease. Nonetheless, in many cases, Dr. Horblitt can save gravely compromised teeth.

However, if damage is particularly severe, he may need to remove these teeth before any other procedures. Typically, you must wait for your mouth to heal before you can proceed with the rest of your reconstruction.

Options for Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is very common. An estimated 120 million US adults are missing one or more teeth.

Whether you have an extraction or you are missing teeth to begin with, Dr. Horblitt may include one of the following tooth replacement treatments in your reconstruction.

  • Bridges: A bridge can replace one or more neighboring teeth. Your nearby healthy teeth will support the bridge. As a result, Dr. Horblitt will need to reshape these teeth before placing the restoration.
  • Partial dentures: If you still have some healthy teeth, but the gap in your smile is too large for a crown, a partial denture may be the solution. Partial dentures are removable, and small clasps keep the restoration secure in the mouth.
  • Dental implants: Implants are the premier tooth replacement option. In fact, this treatment is rapidly growing more common. By 2026, as much as 23% of the population may have dental implants.

Small implant posts, which sit in the jaw, serve as replacement dental roots. They can uphold a crown, bridge, or denture. At the same time, they promote jawbone health by helping to stimulate tissue growth. Thus, with implants, you have a much lower risk for jawbone recession.

Options for Damaged Teeth

If Dr. Horblitt determines that your tooth can be saved, he will typically place a dental crown. Crowns cover the entirety of a damaged tooth to strengthen it and conceal large cosmetic blemishes.

Whatever the reason for your crown, the restoration will be crafted from lifelike material that will match the color of your teeth.

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