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Four Oral Health Tips for Colder Weather

As the seasons change, you may be preparing for colder weather. Winter tires? Check. Warm clothes? Check. Cold-weather oral health care? Hmm…maybe not so much. Luckily, our Fairfield dentist can help you prepare for colder weather with some easy winter oral health tips.

This year, Dr. Gary Horblitt and his compassionate team are here to keep your smile healthy all winter long. So, kick off the holiday season with a routine dental exam at our Fairfield, CT, dental office. Simply call our team at (203) 335-1011, or send us a brief message online here to get started.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss some ways that you can keep your smile merry and bright well into the New Year. In this post, we give you four oral health tips to protect and enhance your smile in colder weather.

1.  Prevent Cold-weather Tooth Sensitivity with Remineralizing Toothpaste

Many patients complain that chillier air causes or worsens their tooth sensitivity. However, thinning tooth enamel is really to blame.

To prevent tooth sensitivity this winter, we recommend using remineralizing toothpaste to strengthen areas of weak tooth enamel. These toothpastes contain unique ingredients that are clinically proven to reverse and strengthen thinning enamel, including:

  • Fluoride
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphate

2.  Use SPF Lip Balm, Even on Cloudy Days

Winter days often bring clouds, rain, and snow. As a result, it is easy to assume that we are safe from the harmful rays of the Sun. However, UV rays can penetrate even the cloudiest skies.

Therefore, it is important to protect our skin, even on gloomy winter days. Our Fairfield dentist recommends wearing an SPF-containing lip balm of at least 30. With daily wear, these protective balms ward off oral cancer, as well as painfully cracked and chapped lips.

Limit Cavity-causing Treats

The holiday season usually brings plenty of rich, sugary treats for us to enjoy. While it is unreasonable to completely deny our sweet tooths, we recommend limiting the amount of sugar in one’s diet.

This year, indulge in sweets sparingly. And, don’t forget to brush afterward! The longer sugar sits on our teeth, the more likely a tooth-destroying cavity is to result.

Protect Chattering Teeth with a Custom Mouth Guard

Did you know that tooth enamel consists of roughly 96% mineral content, like phosphorus and calcium? This means that tooth enamel is the strongest material found in the human body.

But, tooth enamel is not immune to damage. In fact, even chattering teeth can result in unexpected chips or cracks in our teeth.

Subsequently, protecting our teeth during the winter months is more important than ever. A custom mouth guard can protect against accidental damage, keeping our smiles healthy and strong all year round.

Get Your Smile Holiday-ready With Our Fairfield Dentist

Looking for more ways to protect and enhance your smile this winter? Contact Dr. Gary Hoblitt and his knowledgeable team for information, scheduling, and more cold-weather oral health tips! New and existing patients can reach our Fairfield dental office online here or by calling (203) 335-1011.


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